Betta Fish Care Guide

Tips from home to wellness to food as well as enjoyable

4 things to understand about your betta

  • Bettas can live up to 3 years
  • They mature to 3 inches long
  • Bettas can cope with various other peaceful area fish. You should only have one male or female betta in a container without divider panels.
  • Because bettas gulp air from the surface of their tank, they do not require to stay in aerated fish tanks

Exactly how do I set up my betta’s storage tank?

Bettas can reside in fish tanks or in bowls. Set up their brand-new home a minimum of one day before they get here.

If your betta will certainly stay in a bowl …

  • Ensure the dish goes to at least one quart in quantity.
  • Put just one betta in a dish.
  • The temperature of the space where the bowl is put must remain above 74 degrees Fahrenheit.


If your bettas will reside in a fish tank …

Aquarium & stand

  • The minimal size of the fish tank will certainly rely on the amount of fish you have. For simply a betta and a few neighborhood fish, the container must be a minimum of 3-5 gallons.
  • If you plan to have great deals of community fish, follow this formula to determine whether the tank must be even larger: the aquarium should have 1 gallon of water for every inch of fully-grown fish.
  • The aquarium needs to be near a power source, in a low-traffic area, far from direct sunlight and also drafts.
  • Water considers 8 extra pounds per gallon. Select an extremely tough, steady base for your fish tank, after that load the tank with water.


What to put in your betta’s tank


  • If you will be making use of an under-gravel filter, add that.
  • Layer concerning 1-2 inches of crushed rock on the bottom of the storage tank. (That works out to 1 1/2 extra pounds of gravel per gallon of water.) Wash the crushed rock before putting it in the fish tank.
  • Fill up the container about midway up with dechlorinated water.
  • Time to decorate! Include fish design, plants, rocks as well as various other objects. Wash all décor before including it to the container.
  • End up by loading the container the rest of the method with dechlorinated water.


  • An aquarium filter needs to be able to refine all of the water in the tank three to five times an hour. (As an example, the filter in a 20-gallon container would require to push with at the very least 60 gallons of water each hour.) Follow the maker’s guidelines for picking and establishing the filter.
  • Bear in mind, that PetSmart tests your water totally free! Generate an example and also we can evaluate the top quality within a couple of mins


Warm & lights

Bettas are tropical fish as well as require to swim in warm water between 74 as well as 82 degrees Fahrenheit.
Select a fish tank heating system with 5 watts of power for each gallon of water in the fish tank. A large fish tank may need a heater at either end.
Wait 15 minutes after loading the container before activating the heating system.
Area the heating unit close sufficient to the filter to disperse the warmed water.
Run the container’s filter as well as the storage tank’s hood light for 24 hours, then check the water temperature as well as change the heating unit if needed.


Just how do I add bettas to my fish tank?

Bring your betta house immediately after you buy it.
Position it in your aquarium– inside the bag– for 15 mins so it can get utilized to the brand-new water temperature level.
Next off, use a web to move the betta right into your aquarium. Attempt not to bring excessive of their old water with them.
Add only one betta.
The chemical equilibrium in your fish tank will alter with every new fish you present, so examine the water’s pH, ammonia, nitrite and also nitrate degrees routinely.

What do bettas consume?

Feed your betta fish flakes or pelleted food twice daily. Bettas are predators, so supplement your fish’s diet with frozen or freeze-dried brine shrimp or tubifex worms.

Exactly how can I keep my bettas healthy?

If your bettas present any of these signs of illness or distress, speak with a PetSmart shop affiliate or a veterinarian accustomed to fish wellness:

  • Lowered cravings
  • Fins clamped sideways
  • Scraping body on rocks
  • Stomach swelling
  • Inflamed or stained skin or fins


COMPLIMENTARY water quality testing

PetSmart provides free fish tank water screening. Generate a sample and also we can evaluate its top quality within minutes.


Grownups ought to aid youngsters with hand cleaning after contact with an animal, its environment or aquarium water.
Fish and aquatic pets can transfer zoonotic disease to people. Clean your hands with soap as well as water prior to as well as after communicating with your aquarium. Youngsters, expecting ladies, elderly people and individuals with immune-system troubles should take added care.
Maintain fish far from food and areas where food is prepared.
Never launch fish into the wild.
Constantly include a dechlorinator or water conditioner to faucet water prior to adding it to the fish tank.
Do not utilize soaps or detergents to clean aquarium or decor, because they are toxic to fish.


Pets bought at PetSmart become part of our exclusive Veterinarian Assured ™ program, designed by PetSmart vets to aid boost the health and wellness as well as well being of our pets.

Our vendors fulfill a high standard in looking after pets as well as screening them for usual ailments. This program additionally includes certain criteria for in-store pet dog care.


If your pet becomes unwell throughout the initial 14-day period, or if you’re not satisfied for any type of reason, PetSmart will gladly change the pet or refund the acquisition cost.

Layer about 1-2 inches of gravel on the bottom of the container. Rinse the gravel before placing it in the aquarium.
Rinse all décor prior to adding it to the container.
An aquarium filter must be able to refine all of the water in the container 3 to 5 times an hr. Wash your hands with soap as well as water prior to and also after connecting with your aquarium.


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