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Applying with mystery shopping companies to snag mystery shopping jobs is something not to be taken lightly. I have a brother that owns a mystery shopping company. Believe it or not, we once received an application where a prospective shopper said, “I don’t have the time to fill this out now, but if you hire me, you won’t be disappointed.” Obviously, the only disappointment experienced was by this prospective shopper who did not get any jobs.

A generic networking letter should be kept in your career portfolio. With each step in your career, you can update it to include highlights of new skills, continuing education, accomplishments, etc., just as you do your resume. It will also serve as a base on which to build your cover letter whenever you respond to a job posting.

Remember, it is an extremely tight job market and that for every job opening there are four or five equally qualified candidates standing in line behind you. It is essential that you are prepared, focused, and able to tell the interviewer what makes you unique and why you are the best person for the job.

I first met Leonard when I auditioned for the Field Commander Cohen tour in 1979. It felt like a friendship from the start. When we started writing, it was uncomplicated and easy. I guess that’s been the overriding tone of things since, no matter what kind of work we’re involved in. I think that’s partly what sustains it. I was lucky to have had the opportunity to show Leonard my work in the first place, and that he liked it enough to want to work with me.

The first dental assistant job description says that he or she may have to do the job of a receptionist. This would include taking calls from patients and scheduling them as per the dentist’s calendar. A dental assistant needs to keep a tab of the patients’ records and treatment history and also receive payments from them. As part of the front office job, the dental assistant may also need to maintain the stock of medical supplies and ensure that there is no shortage ever.

Many of the largest papers now have a Jobs or Career section that’s not unlike an online job board. The really nice thing is that newspapers are generally local. As such, they will often have additional regional information that not available on the big national job board, such as job fairs, local employment data, and current business news. Again, you’ll probably already be aware of the few in your area. Set a bookmark (or head to the library) and check them frequently for new jobs and up-to-date employment news for your area.

Recording yourself responding to anticipated questions can provide valuable insights into your interviewing strengths and weaknesses. That’s why we have the perfect job interview coaching services to help you practice and refine your technique on your webcam.

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All of these suggestions are merely that, suggestions. But I have used these strategies and rules on many occasion and they have brought me success. I currently work in a district that understands me and respects me as a young professional. I feel like my strong interview skills only mirror my strong teaching skills-which is all you can hope for in an interview. Be yourself, and you can’t go wrong.


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