My Experience With Laser Hair Removal

In the event that you tail me on Instagram (IG stories, specifically) at that point you’ll realize that 2 months back I chose to go down the course of laser hair removal. For my young days, I’ve generally been my greatest foe with regards to body hair. Presently don’t misunderstand me, I have a dazzling head of thick, gleaming and solid hair, notwithstanding, on account of my astonishing qualities, this implied I was additionally honored with thick and rapidly developing hair on the lower half of my body. Good for me, eh? While a few women may cherish their body hair (and I don’t make a decision by any stretch of the imagination), my feeling varies somewhat and since my high school days I’ve epilated, razored and waxed however much I might want.

Why laser hair removal?

Believe this to be TMI yet for whatever length of time that I can recollect that I’ve experienced various measures of ingrown hairs, repulsive shaving knocks, 5’oclock shadows and some hair that would develop back inside 6 hours. 6 HOURS! For quite a long time I’ve been aware of my hair – especially my swimsuit line. Along these lines, toward the start of the year (subsequent to waxing bombed me and left me with further ingrown hairs), I bit the projectile and concluded that I had nothing to lose – separated from my hair!

Just about 3 months in, I’m examining my involvement with laser hair removal up until this point. Because it’s changed my life as of now as well as in light of the fact that it’s definitely adjusted how I feel about my body. Be that as it may, what works for me may not work for everybody. Note: we as a whole have distinctive hair types and this is a key thing to note when beginning laser hair removal.

The start of laser hair removal

Fortunately, I ran over Lottie and Lois’ center – a family run business made up of mother and little girl – And before I knew it, I had booked my first arrangement to begin treatment on my two-piece line. Ekkk. My first arrangement was an interview – where Lottie tried my skin, talked me through the procedure and afterward affirmed my skin was alright to proceed with the treatment. Astounding. 2 sessions in 1. As indicated by Lottie, my hair was ideal for laser hair removal – dull and coarse – and obviously, that was what my ears were waiting to hear!

The vast majority these days have known about laser hair removal, nonetheless, a few people (counting me) might not have known about Soprano ICE Laser – which is the thing that Hampshire Laser Clinic use for their medicines. This specific laser utilizes SHR innovation implying that it’s one of a kind progressive warming technique viably harms the hair follicles while staying away from damage to the encompassing skin. It additionally implied that it was for all intents and purposes torment free. Victor.

The main treatment (end of January) took about 10 minutes. After Lottie applied the gel, she at that point started skimming the laser over my swimsuit line in reverse and forward rapidly. On the off chance that you’ve at any point had a ultrasound previously, at that point it’s actually similar to that. Truth be told, the gel was very alleviating and gratitude to its coolness, you scarcely feel the laser destroying ceaselessly. Inside 10 minutes my treatment was done and I was allowed to leave with a post-care pamphlet.

Aftercare is really straightforward with regards to laser hair removal, and truth be told, I didn’t encounter any reactions, for example, redness and irritation. Truth be told, maybe I had never been lasered!

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The outcomes

Most likely the main explanation you’re here, isn’t that so? Truth be told, I didn’t perceive any outcomes straight away – which isn’t surprising. That is simply me being mega anxious *inserts corona emoji*. Truth be told, my hair began developing only two days after my treatment. In any case, sit tight for it… The outcomes came seven days after my treatment when I shaved my two-piece line just because.

Along these lines, a week and a couple of days after I shaved my swimsuit line just because after laser hair removal, I was calmed (and very astonished) to see that the hairs on my two-piece line were essentially… not there. Otherwise known as, they hadn’t become back as fast as they would have before my treatment. Bullseye. Truth be told, my swimsuit line hair began to regrow around about fourteen days after – in the nick of time to shave again for my subsequent treatment. Truly amazing for hair that typically regrows a day in the wake of shaving, huh?

At the point when it went to my second laser hair removal treatment (precisely a month later), I chose to do what needs to be done again and asked Lottie to go somewhat further and expel the part. Truly, the part! Bye hair in my whole women area. Lols. Lottie made me feel totally calm during my whole treatment, since let’s be honest, having somebody clamor around in your women locale isn’t the most loosening up the thing, huh. Particularly when they’re destroying endlessly! In any case, with Lottie’s gab and agreeableness, I felt totally quiet. So with the slight additional work, my subsequent treatment kept going about 15 minutes – if that!

With respect to the outcomes after my subsequent treatment, my hair has totally changed! Truly, it’s as yet becoming back, however not even close to like it used to! Here are the outcomes I’ve encountered after only two medications…

  • The vast majority of my hair takes somewhat longer than about fourteen days to develop back
  • Notwithstanding, my swimsuit line scarcely becomes back inside the space of about a month (that is had a sum of two medicines)
  • No more itchy post-shave bad dreams
  • Not any more red shaving knocks
  • My hair has gone from being incredibly coarse to very delicate. Despite everything i’m experiencing ingrown hairs yet I’ve come to discover this is just down to the kind of skin I have, tragically. Be that as it may, I’m confident that in a couple of months time, the hairs will keep on dropping out (yes, they’re likewise doing that) and there will be not any more left for ingrowns! Paradise.


Would I suggest laser hair removal?

100%! While it’s not the least expensive alternative out there for hair removal, it’s absolutely justified, despite all the trouble and as I like to state it, it’s a venture to opportunity! In addition, in case you’re now paying for month to month waxes (as was I), it works out that you’ll wind up setting aside cash over the long haul. The thing I love most about my outcomes? I’m presently ready to hurl on my bathing suit without stressing over my two-piece line, and trust me, for a coarse hair young lady like me, it’s happiness. Unadulterated ecstasy.

Talking about cash, Hampshire Laser Clinic effectively work around your spending limit – whatever it might be! Something that numerous centers out there don’t do and rather, work with a set cost. Costs start from £20 including a free interview and they’re ready to cover heaps of regions including lip, jawline, chest, back, legs, two-piece, underarms and arms.


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